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With VSE You Can
  • Trade stock in real-time using your virtual portfolio.
  • Talk strategies with other in the discussion group for your game.
  • Create a customized public or private game for other to play.
  • choose a custom list of symboles to trade in your game.
Fully Responsive

A Consistent and elegant experience across and device and screen size.

Advanced Trading

You can enable advanced options like limits and stop loss orders, as well as partial shares.

Create Watchlists

You can build and moniter custom watchlists alongside your holding.

Custom Gameplay

You set the starting budget and can allow margin trading, short selling and more.

Start/End Dates

Allow users to customize the time period for trading And all games must start/end on open market day. If users choose a no-open market days, the game will use next available date.

Privacy Satting
  • Public
  • Private