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  • Share Market Information

    World Finance » Financial Market » Share Market » Share Market Information Share Market Information The share market information needs to be shared in real time and hence more the technology gets advanced, the more the share market gets benefited. The share market information includes the stock indices of the various companies among the others. The share market or stock market generates critical data and hence the sharing of such data should be on real time basis at the same time being accurate, correct and error free also. With the advent of technology, share market is one such domain that is benefited to the most. The exchange of share market information has become easier and simpler. The electronic exchange of stock market information has made investing in stock markets comfortable. The share market information is helpful to those people who want to invest in the share market. Previously, it was the brokers who were in hold of the entire share market information and hence the sharing of such info was limited. Now share investors may go through the website or news channels to get acquainted with the share market rises and falls.

  • Multi-level Marketing in India

    Let me tell you a real life story about multi-level marketing. There is a very well-known company called the Hindustan Unilever Ltd. which followed multi-level marketing system for selling its products in the beginning. It offered people to become its members, buy their products and recruit as many members as they could to the scheme. They were promised commissions on the number of members they could add on to the group and were also offered a part of the payments of their subsequent members on whatever sale they made. They had to buy a certain amount of products every month in order to continue their membership. My father was very fascinated with the idea of making easy money in addition to his regular job. He actively participated in this scheme and was able to add on a number of members to his chain through his friends and colleagues in the locality. The plan was running smoothly, only after 2-3 months when my father stopped getting payments/commissions from the company. When asked they promised to pay the amount along with the bonus the next month altogether. However, at last it was found that the branch of this company in our area closed down without paying the investors their payment and my father too suffered a great loss. I had a negative experience which doesn’t mean that everyone will suffer the same. So I won’t be deciding on the pros and cons of this system and will rest it on the readers to decide for their own. Now I will be dealing with what does a multi-level marketing system mean, its advantages, disadvantages and how does it become a means for various financial scams in India.

  • Primary Market

    The primary market refers to the market where securities are created, while the secondary market is one in which they are traded among investors. Various types of issues made by the corporation are a Public issue, Offer for Sale, Right Issue, Bonus Issue, Issue of IDR, etc. The company that brings the IPO is known as the issuer, and the process is regarded as a public issue. The process includes many investment banks and underwriters through which the shares, debentures, and bonds can directly be sold to the investors.

  • Secondary Market

    This includes the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ and all major exchanges around the world. The defining characteristic of the secondary market is that investors trade among themselves. In this market existing shares, debentures, bonds, options, commercial papers, treasury bills, etc. of the corporates are traded amongst investors. The secondary market can either be an auction market where trading of securities is done through the stock exchange or a dealer market, popularly known as Over The Counter where trading is done without using the platform of the stock exchange.

  • Derivative Market

    In the derivative market trading is done mainly through two instruments – the Future contract and the Option contract. In both these types of contracts the stocks are bought and sold in lot. The number of stocks for each lot depends on the valuation of the stock and the valuation of the lot is determined by the number of the stocks in a lot multiplied with the current market price of the stock. For trading in derivative market you have to buy either the future contract or the option contract. In a future contract you are bound to close the deal within a specific time and at a fixed arte. While in case of option contract you can also choose to ignore the contract.

  • equity shares

    An equity share, commonly referred to as ordinary share also represents the form of fractional or part ownership in which a shareholder, as a fractional owner, undertakes the maximum entrepreneurial risk associated with a business venture. The holders of such shares are members of the company and have voting rights.

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A stock market, equity market or share market is the aggregation of buyers and sellers (a loose network of economic transactions, not a physical facility or discrete entity) of stocks (also called shares), which represent ownership claims on businesses; these may include securities listed on a public stock exchange, as well as stock that is only traded privately.

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